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Three alternatives to expand the overses business for stationery brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-25

The foreign market has weaked through the financial crisis.And compared with the domestic marke.There are the big advantage in the home market.Under the good regulation,China economic is in the rapid devloping and the there is the significant increases in per capita income.It also make the new business opportunities for the domestic industries.

Stationery industry is a typical examle.In the twenty years of development,stationery manufactring industry has became the most popular industry in domescis market.And there are many famous brand in the line.From these enterprises,we can find they still want to sell to the forign market as there is limited at home.So that to seek the bigger market to improve the develop for enterpris.And how does the stationer y manufactruers to expand the overseas market?

To seek the overseas developing way in solid foundation

First,it needs the consolidate the existing market.A enterprise to consolidate itself foundation then developing in smooth,even if fail in the overseas market,there are not the end for the enterprise.They should to adjust their mind and see the foreign market as a sales channel.It is goof for to expand the market.It is need to learn from other developed enterprise in the expanding.The experience of expanding will be the precious for the enterprise.
Target in the European and American market

Morover, the enterprise should set up the target in developing overseas market.At present,the main exporting market for China is European and American market.It is more mature in the market,there are the  sound commercial channels and the stable cooperation in the developed counties.It also the main market for the stationery exporting enterpries.Chinese stationery enterprise want to enter into they marke,neet to spend a long time to extablish the Chinese stationery products cognitive in European and American market.So,it is need lots of  marketing strategy for into.

Cooperate with the foreign brands to ruduce the investment risk

The enterprise worry about the overseas investment will not reach the expected results and they always need to bears a larger risk.If you have such worry,you might cooperate with the foreign brand,to rely on its brand influence in terminal market and expend the overseas market.To pay attention to the cooperation with the abroad stationery enterprises also the getting to the internationalization business.

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