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Innovation catch the fashion and improve the stationery brand contribution

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-08

Financial crisis make the orders dropped sharply in stationery export,and the rise of raw material and labor costs also will remain a lot of production,quality and proudction cost competition between China stationery enterprise.It is push the competiton of the brand and technology.And make the supply chain innovation and technology innovation response to the competition environment.

Improve brand contribution rate is the disadvantage point of the current stationery manufacturer.To develop demestic market effectively with core and common idea.How to improve the added value of cultural creativity, stationery R&D, style innovation and so on.To gather product brand innovation power through the industry alliance.It also need the concept of many enterprises.

Some small and medium-sized  production enterprise lacking research and development of create brand.They can make the information collection and market research system of brand style.Then to cooperate with the professional design office and do the futurn development.There are many stationery manufacturers have the latest the fastest popular indicators in the Yiwu stationery industrial.It is no only make the small and medium-sized stationery factory catch up with the fashion but also speed up the resources integration of the small and medium-sized  production.And make the professional talents together.To create conditions for a number of innovative brand.

China stationery manufacture are changing.The proudction idea is going to the view of industry.Reengineering manufacturing proces and the management informatization has been introduced into the enterprise.The configuration of science industrial and level of the resources configuration will the influence enterprise competitiveness.

Facing the higher and higher internationalization in stationery market.China brand speed up to internationalization and there are more and more cooperate with the foreign.It is gather up the innovative in the business model,brand creation.And the coming channel innovation,production innovation and the cultural innovation.And the development of China stationery enterprise will get broad.

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