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How to use the new media in stationery industry?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-21


Technology would updated and develop with time.There are more and more emerging Internet media in the Internet.Most of  new media with the rapid development with its marketing value.For example,in the frist half of years, the number of users has exceeded 500 million in Sina microblog(A media like Twitter in China).And the WeChat, its users have more than 400 million.
Obviously, nowadays, there are many people become more dependent on the Internet.So that,to do the emerging Internet media marketing is urgently needed for the traditional industry.It is means that the development of office supplies also need follow up the time and do the SNS marketing.
It is necessary to know the features for all kinds of the new media.To find out the points then to make the perfect match with office supplies industry.
It is a big funnel for the sales,we displayed the products then to attract all consumes to make the purchase.And the SNS are like an hourglass, most of buyer will diplay the proudcts on the microblog after purchased.It is restart the steps of sales,just like an hourglass,from a hole being area.Their consumption experience will affect a large number of people through sns.
In the stationery industry,there are many China stationery brand have open the public accounts in wechat.Lepusheng stationery also do that, it is a good ways to gain the feedback from consumers.
New media can effectively improve the traditional business and marketing mode, improving consumer experience. It has big marketing space and imagination. Stationery enterprises can do the new products introduction,activities and provide the consumer service.It also good for market research and find the crisis faster.
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