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Seven steps to save office stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-11


Office stationery manufacturing is very important in the field of national economy, but the small and medium-sized enterprise is developing hard during weak current global economic growth and the rising domestic prices.How to save in own innovation? it can be considered from the following several aspects:
One,Focus strategy:focus on the customers,proudct line,region according to their own advantage.To do fine and special.
Two,promote upgrading of products:how to turn the OEM production to ODM  production, upgrades to the environmental protection stationery.Then to provide the greater value for stationery enterprises and more profits.
Three,do the technical innovation: it need not the original innovation for technological.Small and medium-sized enterprises should to make rapid innovation according to their conditions.Such as do the innovation in the appearance,packing, style, colour, function and so on.
Four, establish own brand.Brand is a mark, reputation and recognition from customers.It need not a big expend.Only to gain the loyalty through the products and service.Then to gain the own stationery brand and the lasting competitiveness.
Five,improve the home management:it is to improve the internal system including customer service,business management,production management, financial management and so on.
Six,strengthen the construction of human: The modern enterprise management and its core competitiveness should be display in the human resources.The quality of  small and medium-sized enterprises is not high,so that it is necessary to pay more attention to the people, strengthening personnel training.
Seven,improve the core competence: to make sure the core competence is the key to leading in the competition.For small and medium-sized enterprises,find business,learn,quickly reaction and marketing is very important.
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