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Lepusheng has a few tips about students and gift stationery which we should pay attention to

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-30


          Promotional activities are not strange for most stationery enterprises,they are discounts, gift promotion.But it is wrong when take the stationery gift as a small gift or a dispensable thing to do.Actually this kind of idea is not only waste the company's budget,but also cannot play their effects.



         Office stationery gft needs a comprehensive marketing plan,Lepusheng suggest pay attention to the following issues when having a gift marketing plan:


         One, positioning of stationery gift


         In general ,as gift of stationery products, the price positioning should be in accordance with the budget allocation of the audience which is effective, but it is appropriate to be higher than the number of effective population estimates.


         Two,choice of stationery gift


         When choosing a gift it should according to brand positioning/audience class/function/products important selling point/social trends/safety factors, of course is the best to design a unique product (even if chage the appearance) is one of the best.Insist the audience will use/like/long-term use of principles to choose the most effective gift.


          Three, gift production work to follow up


          Because of the gifts suppliers are small private enterprise, so the production management level of enterprise/integrity/craft level are the elements which should be in consideration when choosing gifts, not to mention the later following works.It is best to have inspection and understanding before place the order, otherwise, you also can entrust the local some big gift trading company to do this.And must make the delivery time be pushed to the front of the activity for a period of time so as to avoid adverse situation such as the goods time delay.In the current trading environment, the deposit of the exact delivery time also should be control.To sum up,we should do well in follow up work when customizing gifts.


          Four,distribution and time arrangement of gift 


          Distribution and time arrangement of gift is also important,the lively gift often can reduce the distance between consumers and make the effect of the whole marketing campaign will get twice the result with half the effort;In addition, the issue of time generally it is the best to choose some important festival which is related to product.


          Merchandise marketing is the most effective way for the enterprise at the start, for mature brand,it is the best to have other advertising at the same time.Gift marketing is not simply sending a gift, but a system of marketing project,we should good state of mind to do it well, and get twice the result with half the effort effect.


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