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Three function for identify the stationery style

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-20

There are many stationery enterprise listed a lot of stationery products from front to rear.But they are looked an unlikely products from same company.The such consequences make the consumers feels confused.And they could't make clean which is the product from famous brand or not.In other words,it is reduct the effect of brand promotion.

Product,it should be match with the brand feature and enterprise feature.For this characteristics,to look for a specific product style(product concept).Make the consumer easy to identify and associate the core values.And three function to identify the stationery style including:

1.Appearance identification

Easy be sparaed with the competitors.Just like you could't confuse the IBM laptop with Apple,or the LV bag with GUCCI.The stationery product of Lepusheng has the obvious brand identity from its package or prduct appearance.And it make the consumer can find it on the stationery product shelves.

2.Inside identification

Inside identification is not attention more,but it is as well as improtant.Inside identification can help the consumer to find the suitable products in the number of student stationery.For example ,Apple company is very successful in the inside line.Consumers can identifice the product level  once seen the product.Such as they find the Iphone 4S is better than the Iphone 4.

3.Timely indentification

Product need be upgraded.The same product needs the different shape in the different era.Consumers can easy to find the new product or the used product during they choose the proucts.Similarly,it is easy to determine the popular stationery or the old stationery through the observation of color,appearance and so on.

The above three core idea needed be attentioned by stationery manufacturer during innovation.It is necessary to make sure the  different style for the each products.It is the basis skill for brand construct.

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