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How to distinguish between neutral pen, pen and the ball-point pen?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-23


         There are a lot of pens in the stationery market, and now there are some certain requirements on which pens to use in the school examinations.Lepusheng suggest students or parents have some knowledge about the stationery products when choosing students stationery.



          Ballpoint pen products has developed rapidly in recent years.It has been developed from the traditional oil development to neutral ball-point pen, ball-point pen and erasable ball-point pen etc.According to QB/T3651.2-1999 "great term ball-point pen name" industry standard, all those use the ball rolling out of writing medium to form the handwriting writing are collectively referred to as a ball-point pen.When the writing medium is oily then it is traditional oily ball-point pen;And the writing medium is water then we call it water-based ballpoint pen (water-based pen), while if the writing medium viscosity is between oil and water are called neutral ball-point pen (Neutral pen);Writing medium viscosity between oil then we call it gel pen;If the writing medium is erasable then we call iterasable ball-point pen.


          In fact, the gel pen and signing-pen are the same on many occasions, people usually put gel pen as a signing-pen, but it's more strictly, pen refers to rollerpen,while ball-point pen has a significantly different, because the ink is oily,and the signing-pen is water-based pen.Ball-point pen can have skid when writing so that facilitate rapid cursive writing,and the water-ball pen has friction when writing so that can control over the tip of the pen and write the beautifu writing, but sometines pens will fill the ink,and we also can't control the quantity sometimes, so the liquid pen was born.


          For the college entrance examination, we'd better use a gel pen rather than ball pen because the writing is easy to spread and paper, ball-point pen is no good,but the high-end ballpoint pens are OK, many international companies to sign documents also use a ball-point pen, that is a kind of special files, generally marked, fordocument,but it can not be used in the college entrance examination.the writing medium of ballpoint pens is oily, so is not easy to identify.And usually the gel pen is required on university entrance exam, now it divide into common gel pen and rubber erasable pen this two kinds, the ink of rubber erasable pen can be remove with common eraser,price of erasable pen in Japan and South Korea is more than ten yuan,while price of erasable pen in the domestic enterprises such as yiwu chenyang production price is almost the same with ordinary neutral pen,  it is more convenient to use in the university entrance exam.


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