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Why Do The Creative"Japan And South Korea Stationery" Occupy The Market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-22


      In recent years,creative stationery occupy the stationery market.No matter which stationery shop you visit, those stationery in different shapes and colors are always a real attention getter.The school season  pasted tells us that  , those creative stationery with distinctive model, vivid forms are  widely popular with the pupils.



      When we open the store online , it is not hard to find those "Japan and South Korea stationery" are always the best seller ,if you just input "stationery" when shopping on taobao , it will  jump out of a pile of pages about "Japan and South Korea stationery ". In the sales charts,  this kind of  stationery always has the best record of volumes which nearly reach a thousand . Most of these sales network are in jiangsu and zhejiang area, while they are not the real import stationery. A store owner said, these stationery are not produced in  Japan or in  South Korea,  only there are a few words of Korean on it , that make it  " western style ". But this kind of pen bag, notebook are usually follow the style of pure and fresh in Japan and South Korea , unlike the regular and old stationery, they are popular with a lot of children because the  bright color,the  cute cartoon or the  broken flower.


        After all, "Japan and South Korea stationery" is just some creative stationery and distinctive stationery, so why the "Japan and creative stationery" so popular?Lepusheng stationery thinks that it  has a lot to do with the change of consumption idea today! Nowadays, besides the quality and safety of products , young consumers pay more attention to the stationery with individual character , especially the new generation after 90, they are eager to become dounconventional or unorthodox to prove themselve are different.In addition, the  higher demand to products  is  also  one of the main reasons. The past consumer of stationery mainly pursue the guileless and durable stationery, while consumers taday are pursuing different kinds of products, probably because of the fresh model , the high technology content, or maybe be  materials of environmental protection.


       Though creative stationery are loved by consumers,there are a lot of parents and teachers concerns that creative stationery will distract the attention of students.In fact, the existence is reasonable, with the change of times and the attitudes of consumers,stationery products will only  be more and more creative and  luxuriant , even with a  more environmental makings .It is unwise to refused  creative stationery .With the assured quality and safty , to select a creative stationery can improve children's passion for learning , so why not to receive it ?

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