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Fashion stationery supplies how to expand the three and four line cities?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-17


Fashion stationery has been popular in the market for some time,its design and brand is suit to the requirement of consumer.However,how to expand this market is the primary problem of stationery enterprises.
There are two problems when to expand the village and county market for stationery manufacturer which leading in the high-end stationery market.One it may be bring the bad image of stationery products;And the other one is it need a lot of many and work in the expand.It will cause many waste if withdrawn from the market.So,how to implement?
Do well in the R&D
Some big stationery brand are product the stationery to the big city but it could't be the reason to stop expand the small market.Enterprises should to change the thinking in the talent, research and development.It is necessary to open new stationery close to demand for lower-tier markets.
Expand market according to local conditions
Sales channels is a bridges between popular stationery and consumers.The channels of brand stationery companies is focus on the big cities.There are two way to open the lower-tier stationery markets:one is to make direct investment in the local market.And the other one is to developing the lower-tier markets .
Strengthen the brand publicity 
Thre are the big elasticity of stationery price in the lower-tier markets.But it is not say that the consumer just pay attiention to the price instead of price.Actually,effiective brand publicity can establish the good image in immediate.
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