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Stationery enterprise development should say goodbye to "price war"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-25

After months of fierce price war,many stationery enterprises has exhausted.Most of heads of major corporations have said that the brand stationery enterprises should to improve the added value of products.Ans say goodbye to the price war.To improve the disseminate of the corporate culture.stengthen the public identity and make the enterprise brand rising as the enterprise culture rapidly.


Stationery enterprise development should say goodbye to

Raw materials and labor are compression of the stationery enterprise profit.it also casuse the large price pressure.But it is the chance to improve the big brands enterprise.

There ar about 20 years of development in China.The current environmental protection stationery was welcomed by consumers with its healthy,personalized characteristic such as variety and style diversity.But,as the developing,unfair competiton made the stationery market into a trough.And made the enterprise into trouble.

There are different for people in the different regions and cities.And some enterprises are do the personality stationery according to the local conditions.

Different choice for the consumer who with different income level.The high income consumers to choose the good quality stationery product and the people who in the low-income level are more attention to the practical and cost-effective of stationery.

The consumer are more and more rationality and the requiremnets of the proudcts are higher and higher.It is the trend to say goobye to the price.stationery manufacturer should to take the to the price,service and quality to the account.To readce the costs,make the reasonable price,innovative produce,pay attention to the details and so on.This series of measures are necessary for an enterprise.Anyways,no matter what change of objective environment, consumer psychology,to work hard is always right.

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