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Say goodbye to "copy",stationery industry getting high-end

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-10

At present, the total value of the Chinese stationey market has reached 100 billion.the growth rate is rising above 10%.Chinese stationery production are been  40% of the world.It has became the stationery manufacuting certer in the world.However,in the such 6000 stationery production enterprises.there are more than 1500 only do the OEM manufacturing and the exporting trade in  the processing or half processing.And the domestic stationery manufacturing has lost the brand advantages and market advantages.The domestic stationery industry with 150 billion dollars.its annual production value amout olny by 5.8% in the total,which has 200 billion dollars market.

The long term OEM processing,make Chinese local stationery enterprise are shortage of the consciousness to make a brand.There are lot of similar product.We often could see many small stationery factories will copy an innovated products rapidly when it appears in the markets.It reflect that China enterprise are afraid of innovation and lazy on innovation.The low production cost and relative high profits,result in the stationery production are getting bigger and bigger.In the malignant competition in price.International capital  infiltration also brings huge impact.

The brand's appeal is evident,this is why  the same product which also "Made in China"are sell well in the international.These products may not have high tech content,but as well as the technology, process management.There is a gap between brand.

The economic globalization developing make the domestic stationery manufactring to choose the new prosition in the labor division and the cost advaantage.Lepusheng stationery also has been an active demand to build their brand.Keep the launch of new prducts,to meed the consumer who seek the innovation.So that to gat rid of the OEM stationery manufacturing.

Although stationery industry lack of the high technology and easy be counterfeited.However,samll stationery also has high-tech,the copy products will lost the competitiveness.Lepusheng think that the praoduct innovation and the marketing innovation should be hold together instead of separated.

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