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Changing market is testing the competitiveness of stationery maker

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-11

At present,there are two challenges for the cultural goods production industry:

One is the industrialization of developed countries,It is to move the low-end production into other countries indead of China,it make there is less order;The other one is the cost of  labor and raw materials are rising year by year.It was reduced the cost advantage and competitiveness of China manufacturing since 2007.

Lepusheng thinks that under the such pressure,only to improve the comprehensive competiveness such as  the innovation of technological and the improvement of quality,the brand cutivation and the channel construction.That to respond to those challenges.

China stationery has always been a beneficiary in the globalisation. Based on the global division of labor and industrial relocation, To realize the nearly 20 years of sustained,rapid development,but the globalization division of labor and industry transfered were formed by multinational companies.

Because of the multinational company control the manufacturing industry chain, supply chain and the value chain.It mean control both ends of the smil curve such as the research and development, design, brand and channels.However,the domestic enterprise as been in the basic craft such as stationery processing or stationery manufacturing.It will plight of others for a long time if we don't try to change the such situation under the structural adjustment of developed countries and the influence of industrialization.

To go out of the trouble.It needs to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading of development,and development of both domestic and international market.

On the one hand, to further improve the R&D and the design,constantly improve the quality of export products,enhance the international competitiveness;On the other hand,pay more attention to the industrialization and informatization,using information technology to improve production methods and stengthen the channels construction and improve the standards level.To continuously research and development the new stationery product and the good service to meet the domestic demand of consumers.Companies need to make the brand cultivation,channel construction and improve labor productivity in the domestic market.

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