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Do you know the stationery promotion in sales?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-05

Stationery sales promotion.as the name implies,it is mean to attract the consumers and expand the sales of stationery through low price .It is a way to guide the consumers purchase.For stationery shop,stationery discount is not only can increase the sales but also can push the sales in off season.It can helpful to the stationery shopkeeper to take the markes share and digest the inventory.A moderate sale promotion can expend the stationery sales in short term.


Do you know the stationery promotion in sales?

So,what is the work of stationery discount?First of all,it is conducive to maintaining customer.Promotional activities also one kind of advertising.It can attract consumers by low price but high quality and make them repeat puchase.Then to make the stable consumer groups.Secondly,It is the way to resist the growth of competition brand,promoting consumers to buy in large quantities and reduce the interest in competing products.Through take the market share to attack rival;Thridly,Easy to operate,stationery manufacturers can according to different regions or different time to do the promotion in different discount rate. This kinds of pomotion always in less workload and easy to control the cost and risk.Fourthly,to improve the brand awareness.Discount is the biggest impact to consumers and the most effective in promotion.Price is the attract point of the main factors for cosumers.It is the great help in the way to improve stationery awareness.In addition,the promotion sales also can attract the people in retail terminal.And the promoters also can gain the sales of goods through discount as soon as possible.

At the same time, the sales promotion is also a double-edged sword.It is good use for the enterprise to create interest and awareness and improve sales.But after the promotion it may be remain the position of product in low price.And reduce the product reputation in the eyes of consumers.Therefore,stationery promotion also needs to cooperate with the suitable advertising,people and the public events.

In stationery sales, the products in discount sales promotion should be choose the product in the most welcomed, high frequency,close to the shelf life or the poor package.At the same time,the promotion advertising should be simple,eye-catching,accurate and unfavorable.The date of activity also is very important.Before the new term or after the festival day.Then once every 2 or 3 weeks is the best time.It is necessary take the fully considered of the puchase cycle of consumers.

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