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Stationery industry market needs opened up,enterprise should keep developing strategy

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-12

There are many stationery factoies appearanced in China in recent years.As the production theory is fettered by tradition,mostly small and medium-sized enterprises still in the pursuit of quantity instead of quality.So that the industrial needs be improved.

Most of local stationery dealers are the small companies all over the country.It is scattered and lacking the brand awareness.These enterprises always take the market depand on the low-price and quantity prouction.There is a few enterprise do the brand.So that it resulting in scattered and disorderly in industry.The old management model is can not suitable to the rapid development market anymore.

Dearlers think that the small brands is easier take the market in the three or four line cities.It is make the smaller differece of proudcts.The fierce competition make the profits be separated.And causing mostly proudcts in price war and service competition.

Most of stationery manufacturers have no the innovation research and development ability and the sustainable development strategy.They only bilndly to make the copy and do the similar products in workmanship and model.It make the product with serious  homogeneity in market.And result in stationery industry into the vicious competition.

Lepusheng thinks that tationery enterprises should pay more attention to the strengthen technology equipment and updates the proucts.To finish the development from low-end production to the high-end production as soon as possible.Turn the mainly competition to the high quality and  high technology instead of price.

With the deepening of competition, the profit room of stationery chain is getting smaller.The enterprises should  be aware of the price  can't enhance the core competitiveness,and it is not the direction of long-term development.The enterprises should to expand the new development and increase the technology investment then to produce the high technology products.To make the different proudcts as a long-term solution of enterprise development.To find the new demand of market that to realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

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