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Stationery wholesale market is now depressed,self-built e-commerce is difficult to do well

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-28


           Sources pointed out that about 10% of wholesale market in Guangzhou become depressed so far this year, wholesalers and scholars generally think that the operating  of professional wholesale market is tight,and self-built e-business platform has no successful cases.



            Wholesale market management is deoressed


            The so-called depressed is not only stationery wholesale market alone, but also toys, digital, calendar and other wholesale market has also been a lot of impact.These products can be convenient to trade in e-business platform, thus customers to the wholesale market is less, a lot stationery wholesale market merchants also starts the taobao business.Now, almost all stationery wholesale field are do wholesale business and also do taobao shop at the same time,some stores also have feedback, online sales can do better than the ground entity shop and retail sales.


           It is difficult to do well in market self-built platform


           In this case, increase the intensity of applications of e-commerce,promoting flow separation has become the development trend of stationery wholesale market in the future.At present, some stationery wholesale market also gradually to develop e-commerce independtly, so, exploring the common survival between traditional business and the new model.However, from the existing electric stationery enterprise platform.The limitations is obvious that to convert from wholesale market to electric business platform simply,so that it is difficult to form a scale advantage, and it is easily become a  "isolated island" of wholesale market in the Internet.In addition.Because the electric business platform needs a large number of technical support and expensive propaganda, many wholesale market could not bear the construction cost.


           At the same time, there is channel conflict of cooperation among the professional market and the platform such as alibaba, jingdong, there isn't a  a definite pattern for the cooperation with professional market and the e-commerce enterprises currently, the cooperation of both exist in the moment.There is some problems of self-built platform and cooperation channel if professional market add the e-commerce.So we should combine online and offline, and seek common development.


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