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LPS talk about the development and prospect of China stationery in 2013

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-06

There are lots of events in the past 2012.It is goes way with the "shuffle" sound.And now,2013 has been to us.Lepusheng stationery(www.lepusheng.com) like to take about the trend of the development and prospect of China stationery in 2013.

development and prospect of China stationery

A.Product innovation

It is be more attention in the begining of 2013 for stationery industry.There is the new tendency that they put more and more time in the stationery exhibition and spend more time in the new product production."Diversity" is welcomed by people.In the stationery industry,diversity is mean the divers development of enterprise,rich production line and multifunct stationery.It is not only the hot concepts,Diversified should bethe new trend of the new development.

B.Standard establishing

There are much problems such as uneven service level,inferior materials, harmful toxic material and all of them are serious damange the consumer's interests.At present,there are some adjustment of national stationery standardization technical committee.Mainly resoponsible to revise the office stationery,including paper supplies,painting,receive stationery,student stationery,matal sationery,entertainment card,school tools and so on.With the establishment of standard,it will promote the orderly developmeng of domestic stationery products standard.And there is the profound meaning of the stationery standard and rapid development.

C.Growing demand

China domestic demand will enter a normal and rational development instead of big rise and fall.There are various kinds of new emerging industry join into the stationery industry,to expand the competition in the market and prodive more and more opportunity.Stationery manufacturers must to respond with heart.With the increasing of the market,to catch the opportunity.

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