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The three "keys" to defend students stationery shop to make a profit

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-09


           How to manage a stationery shop,Lepusheng had shared a lot to you before, while after doing well in the previous location and choice of products, the biggest key is to see the operation, in these methods and techniques,the display of the stationery products, the reasonable price and timely sale of the goods are the most important keys to the vendors:



          Stationery products on display


          Why do we say stationery products on display is the key to promote sales.The full shelves can give customers a  impression of rich visual of commodity and variety kinds, it is of great help to attract customers into the store.Good products on display is a good seller for customer which can make it easy to choose the right product for the customer at the first time.At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the shelves,too.


          Pricing must be moderate


          Price is one of the the main elements which the consumer focus on, from stationery wholesale market,we can see that purchase price of the new stationery products generally can't be so low,once they want to sell out the goods,then the price will change according to the sales.Of course the number may be slightly adjusted according to the rent, but basically belongs to the industry guild regulations.The characteristics of the office supplies itself also affects the product pricing.For example, the quality of the goods itself, determines the pricing.At the same time, the brand influence is also affecting the market share,it means to consider the transport.If the goods is in the advantage,then we can adopt high price policy appropriately, and usually the consumers can accept the price, because give full consideration to the profits of the store,it will not influence for the store management.


          Timely promotion sale


          In competitive situations,many stationery shops will take the false price cuts to stimulate the customers, the result will only lose the trust of the customer, and excellent stationery shop know to connect the profit to the customer satisfaction.They implement the principle of fair pricing,take promotion appropriately, they will not raise prices in the sudden increase in demand,and guarantees for sales of the products.Timely reducing the price is one of the important tactics of the stationery shop, through timely reducing price and sell out the old stock can adjust the product structure,and through the price fluctuation to stimulate consumer purchasing desire.


          Although there are lots of stationery shops in China, lots of profitable stationery shop are still exist, they are all based on connecting the stationery store profits with the customer satisfaction, respect for customers and flexible business strategy have contributed to the success of these shops, so this management idea worth copying.


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