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Student stationery is no longer a tool for learning

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-30


          When talk about students stationery, what will you first think of?Hopefully, in the traditional idea, student stationery is a kind of school supplies or office supplies.But as the change of stationery products,do you can know that there are also other kinds of students stationery.It is not only a tool of learning.Now Lepusheng will show you these special stationery!



           Transform into gift stationery


           In recent years,stationery products tend to vogue on the style, design, color, then more and more consumers will send the statinery products to their children as a gift , so the stationery gifts is becoming popular.There are statistics show that in the past few years, sales of stationery gift  have risen about 10% ~ 20% of the sales to the gift company.It is estimated that over the next 10 years, the annual growth rate of gift stationery in the consumer market will not be lower than 20%, thus can see, stationery gift significantly strengthen.


           The new favor of stationery collection fans


           Under the designer's hand, students stationery have more and more stationery "appearance",they are all very bright and handsome.Do you know, these colorful stationery products now is not only a commodity that can attract customers, they are now also gradually become the collection of many consumers.Since the 1990s, the biggest change of small products is changing into toys.So we have the camera model correction tape, bear modelling correction fluid, transformers pencil case, butterfly and beetles modelling eraser.It is these changeful modelling of stationery, there is germination of the collection.


           Decompressive stationery of office white-collar worker


           As an indispensable partner in office,it is not surprising that stationery products become the "recreation" of office white-collar worker.In the face of pressure from all sides, use each inches of space, each product, to create a comfortable, lively, healthy and progressive work environment has become the pursuit of many office white-collar workers.


           Stationery manufacturers also inject more creative on the office stationery.These unique creative stationery, do not break the simple and practical requirement of office stationery, but with some lively, clever elements of students stationery.It can add  a vivid feeling for the serious office environment.


           In fact, whether as a gift ,decompressive stationery, or collection, creative is the first thing to do. At the same time, the stationery products which is designed by the stationery designer can not only stay in their own home or in the collection of the museum,they should be sure to bring value to consumers, bring benefits for the enterprise.Designers should not only understand the design but also know marketing and promotion.Because he is the most knowledgeable people for the selling point of their products, works like the own"children" of designer ,if they don't  find out and boast that their "children" are potential, then other marketing personnel will have no more interested in the product ,too.


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