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Rising exchange make export stationery enterprise could not resist

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-09

The RMB exchange rate has been accelerated appreciation since the beginning of the year.The bank for international settlements (BIS) publish the data on June 28th show that the exchange rate index was 116.29 in May.It has rose by 0.9% in April,to refresh the data to new high since 1994.Actually,RMB  exchange rate has gone up for eight months,it is cumulative rises up to 8.2% from last year on September 107.44.

What kind of effect  for China's economy will be cause during China's economic slowdown and rising of USA enconmic?

Thin margins in the stationery export

There is only  30.000 dollar or 40.000 dollar of  profits in the order with 20.0000 dollar.If exchange rate below 6.1,many enterprise will deficit.Ministry of commerce has know that China enterprise is very difficult to do the exporting as early as las year.

In addition,China stationery with its low profits,exchange rate appreciation for eight months is enough to swallow a lot of manufacturing companies' profits.

Increase in pressure because of order outflow

Order outflow cause many companies in low proudction rate.It is understood that the monthly pay of China worker are less than 2000 yuan a month,but now require less than 3000 a month.
"The  monthly wages of Vientnam work is about 1000 years,and they are enjoying the low exchange,The cost is difficult.That is why some sustainable order has been moved to southeast Asia.And where to find so many emergency workers at a draught? But use such many worker and without any order,it also very diffcult for enterprise."Mr.Fu,who wroking in stationery industry and with more than 10 years.He said that it is hard for current stationery factories.

The history of stationery industry

Besides facing the RMB apprectiation pressure,there are the complex equipment production in the  upstream and downstream of  stationery indsutry.It is not easy to train the such skilled worker.As a cluster industry,the moving and copy can not be fast realization.Declinling sales of enterprise in the weak market,with the increasing pressure such as labor cost and rising exchange rate.It is very difficult for office suppliers.

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