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Office stationery enterprises be urgent need of transformation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-09


There are so many stationery enterprises do not pay attention to the research and development of product,lack of long-term scientific marketing strategy including product development,brand construction,marketing,channel managment,promotion,the relation between factory and market.Result in most of international office stationery take the high-end market,but the stationery which "made in China" only can take the low-end market.
There are the homogeneity competition in China office stationery market.It is including the lacking design and development capability.Most of new proudcts have copy the foreign brand products.Although many enterprises begin to pay attention to the brand management.Whole industry is still in the product competition stage.So that it is make the price comptition.Main customers of office supplies are the enterprises,government agencies and other community groups.
With the improvement of residents' living standard and changing attitudes of consumers.The domand of office stationery is increasing.Most of stationery suppliers also make the good forecast in the future marketing development.They pay more attention to the domestic market.But the OEM production stationery facotries have lost the best time to do expand the domstic market.And the increasing foreign enterprises also make the competition of small and medium enterprises bigger and bigger.There are the serious homogeneity competition in the office stationery industry.Also have the serious copy.Some brander puchase the products form the small factoies then to reduce the price.There is the low standard in the office stationery.Most of enterprises to take non-standard competition,disrupted the market order then to take more market share.It is brough the heavy damage to the enterprises which do the good quality production.
With the improve of the environmental standards in Europe and the United States.A lot of China stationery enterprises turn the main market into domestic.They begin do the transformation.To improve the brand influence during improve the stationery quality.Of course,it is not realistic to do the blindly escape, the environmental protection will be popular in the furture domestic market.So that it is necessary  improve the product's quality according to the market demand.
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