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Stationery industry development following the policy

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-17


Along with society's progress and the development of science and technology, stationery products have changed in the minds of cosumers.And there is a lot of diffculties in the development such as single technology, low technical level,lack of advanced equipment ,talent shortage and so on.All of them are the main points to limits the development of industrial.Therefore,China stationery suppliers should improve the level of enterprise technology, introduce advanced technology and equipment.
China is a country which under highly macro-control,it must be follwed the policy of the country if you want get development.Expert thinks that stationery industry should play its natural and social advantages duiring the the period of "five-year plan".To make sure the competition in the China market.It is the direction and the target of enterprise development.
The next five years is an important period of China's economic and social development, it also the important time to turn into the late stage of economic from interim.Due to the development of external environment, system reform, industrialization and informatization and urbanization, China stationery industry will appera a lot of new characteristics and new trends.
One,low carbon energy
Nowadays, there is need a new growth point for global economy.So that more and more peopler do the green economy basis on the new energy and low carbon economy.It is push the quickly development .The green stationery production and the development of low-carbon technologies.It is all prove that stationery industry is in the line of greep development.
Two,Independent brand
For a long time,China enterprises, especially the stationery factory,they do the OEM productiong but without the independent brand and technology.With the constant improvement of the economic level, this type of development is limited the development of nowadays industrial.
It must have its own independent technology for the China stationery enterprises development.The producter should turn as the creator.To strengthen the integrity and responsibility consciousness, improve product competitiveness, make quality products into the market at home and abroad, to promote the enterprise image and status.
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