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Christmas is drawing near, stationery market sales in the "Christmas"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-20

The traditional western Christmas is drawing near,it can see the red Santa Claus,Christmas tree and the decorate beautiful Christmas cards in streets here and there.All of them remind people,Christmas is coming.Although there is over 10 days to go before Christmas day,the smart businessmen has early put the Christmas gift to the most conspicuous position.


Unlike previous years, there are many stationery shops also pay more attention to the Christmas.Some popular stationery with Christmas elements is sell well in the current market.Many people said, it is better to send the stationery product with Christmas element as Christmas gift.It is practical and have festival.


"Christmas"zone with prosper in supermarket


In the each supermarket,it is easy to found the supermarket has released the Christmas gift area.Including bell,snowflake,Santa Claus,Christmas facebook,and bowknot,water droplets and so on.Now,most of buying group are students and old man.In the coming week,there are should more properous.And the Christmas gift price is as well as last year.


Christmas stationery sell well


And stationery market has a Christmas atmosphere.The shopkeeper said that the mostly selling gift is a litter gift such as doll,Christmas hat.The small Christmas tree are available,but the big one needs reservation. And about 2 days can be arrival.Because there is no enough room to put so many trees.Basides the gift of supermarket,there are many stationery shops opened up a Christmas room.Selling the stationery with Santa Claus, Christmas trees and so on Christmas element.Such as notebook, ball-point pen, Christmas card, pencil case and so on.There are some people said that,they prefer to send something stationery with Christmas elements rather that the Christmas dolls.It took the festal atmosphere but practical.


Purchase Christmas items for company party in advance


"It is dignified by the Christmas tree with a few decorations at the door,and the Santa Claus,make the stronger festive atmosphere."Said by the wholesale boss.Recently,the sales of Christmas decorations was increased thirty percent than the first half of this month.The shopkeeper said "there are most old customers to purchase for the company."A lot of social party company will purchase large quantities of Christmas decorations.It is a reasonable price and responsible for delivery in the wholesale market.


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