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Lepusheng stationery have been attended the 112th Canton Fair for 18 years

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-08

Canton Fair is a "Weather Vane" for the trade. The phase III of  canton fair also  the large scale of each industry.It  was attracted numerous customers both at home and abroad to negotiate business.And the enterprise of different industry including major stationery brand  manufacturers have appeared.As the famous brand of stationery,lepusheng stationery would attand the phase III of 112th Canton Fair in Oct.31th.At this time,LPS stationery has attended Canton Fair for 18 years.In this fair,Lepusheng stationery also display the stationery products with best quality to the global merchants.A lot of businessmen Be attracted to the humanized design style, excellent technology and quality.

112th Canton Fair was hold on Guangzhou pazhou exhibition hall.


In the autumn canton fair, the fashionable model and professional quality attracted many customers on the booth of LPS stationery.As professional office supplies in the line of correction tape,correction fluid and writing instrument, Lepusheng's design,process and production characteristic was the key to attracted the visitors. In addition, the new product and the new kind of stationery also be more attention.


Staying and watching in the Lepusheng's booth

The company's business personnel with full enthusiasm to receive all merchants, to make detailed questions of specific solutions and professional service to our customers, and spoke together, has the good business relationship.


Lepusheng's booth with the simple bule design and clear display of stationery product.Keeping attract the purchasers to visiting and endless. The businessmen at home and abroad was coming to gain the information of company and products.Provide their business card,talking the business,then record the product characteristics, ask for stationery sample.The LPS staff with full enthusiasm to receive all merchants.Make professional service to solve the detailed questions form customers and get alone with the every visitors.

LPS staff talk with the customer


Shaojian,Guo, the general manager of LPS said that the Canton fair built the communication platform with customer.Through the long-term and fixed exhibition,It is good for the LPS to promote the products and establish a positive corporate image of the company.At the same time also can timely understand the market and customer demand  than promote the product improve.The brand wasn't bluid in a day.especially for some regular customer, attend the canton fair can make the timely exchange and effective discussion and good for the long -term stable relations of cooperation.

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