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Analysed the current stationery manufacturing:manufacturer is busy

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-26

Stationery manufacturing industry are facing the fierce competition, and there is an emerging consumer model also play great impact.On the one hand,the domestic stationery industry are develop rapidly in recent years.As the similar market positioning and the limited coustomer resources.The businessmen homogenization is getting higher and higher,then fall into the malignant competition and bring the high cost for the stationery industry development.


The increasing industry competition and the manufacturers feel "busy".Busy with the R&D and the reasonable design.Busy to extend the market channel.Therefore, the entire stationery market appearing the following state.

1.Developed a series of new products,keep close old series and development of new series;The enterpriser who did the offic stationery increased the students stationery series.The plastic stationery manufacturer began do the paper stationery.The "try activity" is higher and higher.The enterprise did not according to their specialty development to open the new series.They noly to did the products according to the products which sell well in market.Result in rising trend of inventory.

2.Extend more channels and shop.With the expansion of stationery manufacturer sales and the crazy selling market.It only to open a new shop when in a big sales channels.There is oppen the shop but without any management.It will caused the low survival rate.And the survival shop which opend early are always appeared cross-border .

3.More training and promotion.It is busy in the national market for catch sales.There are many stationery company to increas the sales through the "organization talent, team building, training" .It can increase the sale in short time,but not the best way.Training and promotion only work on short time.


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