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Discuss the difficulties of the stationery innovation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-30

Most of the Cultural goods companies have a contradictory attitude on the  innovation.They like it ,but we still could hear opposed voice in many public occation.why? First, it is difficult to innovate.Second, “Copy” style problem is serious . The main reason is that we misunderstand the innovation connotation and not familiar with the way and process of innovation.How to understand and make innovation?


1. To understand the innovation connotation well

Products’ innovation is not only for technology, but also for the feeling and the experience which the products bring them .In other words ,the consumers ont only buy the core products, but also includes the peripheral products and augmented product composed of complete product.For example, the sales of disney stationery in image shop and common are different, the sales in disney land are the best. It will influence the feeling of consumers when we sell the same stationery in different place with different decoration and service and ect. Those factors form into the complete product what we talk about.

Base on this concept, we will find innovation is not so difficult  because it is unnecessary to change the products rely on high technical innovation ability . we can achieve innovation by changing the shopping environment, service, packing and brand needed and ect.

2. Get the power of product innovation

The sources of innovation is not only from the innovated mind but also from the complaint of consumer, the more complaint the more innovation it will create.

The keys to innovation is to know the market well. First ,find  the unsatisfied points the consumer have. Second ,why to buy the Competing goods instead ? Final ,Why to buy nothing when they have needs .


3.Complete the process of innovation

We often could see many small stationery factories will copy an innovated products rapidly when it appears in the markets. In china , the copy problem is very serious and it reflect that china  enterprise are afraid of innovation and lazy on innovation .

However, we must realize that market competition originally is a offense and prevent game.Especially for stationery product innovation such important business activities, in making flow must have how to fortify this link, otherwise,the result of innovation is not sure to be good .


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