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Lepusheng T-9759fashionable retractable correction tape

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-24



         The fashionable office stationery of T-9759 retractable correction tape has the appearance of slender pen shape and show the elegant temperament of Lepusheng.And the retractable structure can optimize the use way of correction tape ,unusual experience will bring you a day of good mood.



         Maybe you don't like the dark red or purple or you don't like the dull black and white ash, the correction tape choose glaucous department, the inspiration comes from the peacock's feathers, like the king's jadeite which has special temperament,and like clear bright mirror on the lake, with the exquisite soft of pure white color,it make the correction tape has infinite charm and especially never break rapport.



          T-9759 correction tape has been optimized on the structure and avoid the  large space waste of resources,it can reasonably use of interior space, and also can make the hand feel more comfortable,guarantees a more fluent alteration.



          Elegant shape revealed with lovely, as students stationery,T-9759 is a best choice, well-made structure of spring ensure the service life of use, the structure of retractable design can decrease the lid, so that can avoid the phenomenon of losing the lid easily and damage the correction tape.



          The simple structure of refillable design makes this kind of correction tape with higher utilization, it manifested the consideration of product environmental protection,and using PET tape makes the core thinner,it has a better adhesion,from all aspects to build the products you like.


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