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Brief analysis the future development of stationery market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-08

Stationery industry is regarded as the last piece of cake in light industry, it also one of  the most potential industry, China cultural goods in the number one with 20 billion,and increase with 15% in yeras.At present,how about the cultural products market showing?

One.Increase in pruchasing power

At present,besides the shool students,the technical personnel of state-owned enterprises,government agencies and various kinds of staffs.There are over 300 million people in cultural goods consumer groups.China cultural products consumption has more than 150 billion yuan.With the society developing,the countiries will increase the investment in education and cultural goods, so that the stationery market also will be more and more broad.

Two.Consumption in diversified,product in high-grade

With the development of the electronic technology and the network,stationery indsutry also rapidly transformed from traditional to modern, form single style to multifaceted.There are various kinds of popular stationery in the student stationery market,and attracts more and more students.In recent years,the stationery price has been rise obviously through the pertty stationery design.

Three,Value increase of cultural good.

With the society developing and the improved of the people's culture,people are pay more and more attention to the culture connotation of gift.They more prefer to choose the culture goods as gift to send to the classmate,children or students.Meanwhile,the stationery product in the fashion design and unique model are also welcomed by the popular collection fans.

Four,the trasnsformation of the cultural goods enterprise

It is necessary to creat a new management concept and marketing mode since China enter into WTO and the electronic networks developing.To excavation market potential and and improve the supplie's comprehensive prchasing.The latest purpose of the enterpsise is how to improve the profit for the dealers.To supply the optimized product structure, competitive price and market information for the dealers.and also should pay attention to the  professional services.So that to reflect the enterprise's overall value.

Five,promote the green production

The concept of  environmental protection stationery has been mentioned a lot.Dut to achieve the effective utilization of resources and environmental protection, cultural goods market has gradual  recovery and utilization the resource.And the green stationery also getting more and more favour in stationery market.

Six,Combined with domestic and international market

China is the big stationery exporting country.It also got the market share in the internation market.And it strenthen its coomperation with the countries all over the world since into WTO.Make the domesic market go out and the foregin also get into the home market.There are appear a number of small commodity wholesale market like the representative of Yiwu,Zhejian.

Stationery consumption are continuous development and improvement.In the future cultural goods consumption,the consumption quality,structure and the pattern will improve as well as the society developing and the improvement of people's living standards.

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