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Whether we will depend on the correction tape when have long-term use of it?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-13


          Correction tape is one kind of student stationery,and it is often used in the daily study and life.When the pen writing is wrong ,then take correction tape have a wipe, the mistakes are covered by a layer of white film,it is very convenient, so correction tape is often widely used by the students.



          However, we know that in the important exam such as the entrance examination,it is not allowed to use correction products.Because it mostly use computer to grade examination papers, if we  use correction tape or correction fluid,then it can be reflective,and can't make data be shadow into the computer, then comes the reading difficulties.So there are many parent or teacher asked the students don't write with correction tape in daily life, in case to avoid dependence.


          In fact,the emergence of correctin tape brings convenience for correcting , and have a great effect to maintain a clean and tidy pages of writing, and effectively avoids the waste of paper.The so-called, existence is reasonable.As long as appropriate use of correction tape is desirable,but don't use in a major exam so that can avoid to use.


          With the development of the stationery industry,correction tape manufacturers has developed a wide variety of correction tapes, the retrofit of correction tape is more attractive to consumers, correction tape become a "regular" in the kids school bag.So the teachers and parents also began to ordered, banned the students use correction tape.In fact, modest restraint of using a correction tape can help to enhance the accuracy, and is also good for learning, but it lack of "human nature" to completely prohibit students using correction tape, Lepusheng thinks it can limit using correction tape, but can't demonize them.


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