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Lepusheng remind you: how to choose stationery for primary and middle school students correctly?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-15


          For most parents,to know some knowledge of stationery is necessary, if there is no standard to select stationery products,then it may bury hidden trouble for their children's safety.So after having some related knowledge of stationery,parrents can choose stationery for children in scientific way.Please focus on our website to know more about them!Here Lepusheng will give you advice about how to choose stationery products for your children:



          One,students stationery for children in kindergarten should be safe


          Preschool children often pay attention to the colour of stationery,they like the colorful things or gorgeous appearance.So when choosing bags, pencil case, stationery should be red, orange, green, and blue, and so on.They are also more like realistic type of cartoon design, such as sakura momoko, watermelon taro.But at the same time we should pay attention to the bright color, so it is best to look for brand stationery.


           In addition,to buy hand scissors or razor blades for the children should be arc on the top,and should not be sharp tip;Be sure to pay attention to the safety of the tip,the pen cap should be greater than 16 mm in diameter, on the body of the cap it need to have a continuous air channel which is at least 6.8 mm2 ,so that it can reduce the risk of suffocation after ingestion.


           Two,pay attention to care when choosing stationery


           To choose stationery products and students supplies,it should put special emphasis on protection and the principle of care, for example, when buying a bag,parrents should fully consider the pupils are in growth stage, it is important to pay special attention to protect their spine, etc.;Drawing ruler, pencil-boxes, etc. There can not be raw edges, burrs, otherwise it is easy to scratch the hand.


          When buy pen,we should see whether there is a air channel on the lid stay out of the gap, because air channel or stay out of the gap is mainly used to prevent different pressure inside and outside the lid when cover it.If there is no air or stay out of the gap,then we should not to buy.


          When buy exercise books, textbooks,they cannot be too white (brightness should be no greater than 85%),it will damage a child's eyes when it is too white,then affect their vision.So choose beige homework is more appropriate.


          Three, middle school students choose stationery should be practical


          This age students prefer abstract patterns of stationery and supplies,so we can consider to choose simple design,practical function and brand stationery, and avoid to choose stationery in toys style.Special remind, middle school students have heavy study burden, so their schoolbag is very likely to be overweight,those very tall children, immediately become kyphosis.So Lepusheng advice:the weight of the bag should not be more than 15% of their body weight.Parents should remind children to form the good habit of packing school bag every day, take off those useless books.


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