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Domestic sale to be main power to promote the stationery brand growth

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-05

In the downturn exporting situation,stationery industry has expore the domestic market actively and highly effective.China is the largest manufacturers and exporters of stationery in world.It also has the world's largest stationery products consumer market.The exporting of stationery industry has been lowered due to the global complex economic.


There are over 693 cultural products manufacturers accept statisticsing by International National Statistics.And the results showend that from January to May in 2012,the export value is about 8.09 billion yuan.It is slowdown in growth and the shrank by 2%.

At present, Chinese stationery manufacturers are facing the complicated  foreign trade situation.The international market demand weak growth.Resulting in not enough demand to the exporting enterprises.And the competition and trade friction are getting more prominent.As the tightening external environment,enterprise transformation and upgrade is urgently needed.Therefore, to explore the domestic consumer market become the key point for the stationery suppliers.


The survey results showed that there are more than 93.4% of sales revenue from the domestic market for 614 enterprise.In recent years,with the continuous adjustment of industry,the domestic sales has changing ,and there are about 15% spent on the residents cultural goods sports and entertainment supplies.The domestic market will continue to play a primary role for the stationery industry.


Leupsheng cmpany thinks that basides the channel construction and market development,the domestic stationery branging development should be pay attention to the core competitiveness.


China stationery has the world's most complete industrial chain, the most skilled workers and the most advanced production equipment.but there are no the well-known brand.At present, China's stationery brand are focus on the middle and low-end market,and the soft power is weakness to support the high-end brand development.There are the problems such as unsound brand system, characteristic not outstanding, homogenization competition obviously, sustainable development ability etc.


Industry experts advise that the enterprises should to increase innvation,brand technology,culture.Meanwhile,make the line of the design, channels for the brand.To improve the competitiveness of brand.In dustry,should to extablish a branding construction system then to promote domestic stationery brand development.


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