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Stationery wholesale market sales is in polarization trend

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-17

There are many stationery wholesale market sales sales in polarization since last years.The high-end value added sell well and the low student stationery is bad.With the increasing of the stationery cost.The profit of the sationery product has been compression and the stationery also enter the high cost generation.Facing the such situation,each enterprise are want to breakthrough.The weakness marketis the main reason to make the sales trend in two ends.The intensifie competition will part out weaker enterprises.And the enteprise which in the strong comprehensive strength will become more and more strong through the competition.

The rising raw materials and cost of labor are also caused the polarization trend.Rising raw materials and cost of labor are become the main pressure for the current stationery enterprises.And  the cost transfer is over the market expected for the enteprise which has the comprehensive competitiveness in scale,quality,research and development and so on.

The order concentration of big enterprise.And make big enterprise pay attention to the order quality.And most of small businesses may withdrawn from the market competition.Under the high cost,the structure of stationery industry is necessary be adjusted.The big enterprise with the advantages in brand,channel and product will be get more market share.

At present, most of China stationery proudcts are positioning in middle and low.The long time OEM procution make the traditional stationery manufacturers lack of the production process in R&D and design.It also make most of stationery manufactuers to promote the oversea style product instead of domestic market.But the current market environment shows that if the stationery enterprise want to developing in better,brand construction is necessary.Although there is the overcapacity production,disordered competition, clutter price system and so many other problems in the stationery industry,it is going digest with the industry industry optimization.

China stationery wants to develop the brand and enter into high-end market.It is the big challenge for most of  small and medium-sized enterprise.It is not so practical tocutting the fast processing than to build a stong brand.It is necessary to improve the product quality and the stationery design so that to make a strong brand.

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