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Student stationery should get rid of the price competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-22

There are the rapid development of student stationery in recent 3-5 years.And the demand of market is increasing about 10%.Increasing of the popular trend,creation and animation supplies.Stationery market also getting bigger and bigger.The rapid development trend obviously attact a lot of enterprise's attention.According to statistics,there are more than 3000 stationery manufacturer at present.And there are many new stationery supplies in China.The such developing make the not mature and instability market.

Why cuased such situation?On the one is there is the low barriers to entry stationery industry.So that there are many low economic strength,poor management,low quality stationery manufacturer.And under the low price competition,some lower brand also gave up the principles, they reducted the price then to take more market share.On the other one,most of stationery suppliers just want to gain the short-term benefit.And not put more attention to the brand construction.

As we saw,the stationery manufacturers are facing the developing trouble.Of course,this is a process in industry development.Stationery market also needs be adjusted during the way to mature.And some of them will be eliminated or to transformation.

Take the view to the current stationery industry.We can see that some of enterprises are create other market and to establish the big brand.And most of them are do the OEM production.And competition in the low price.It is bad for the whole line.

As the saying goes, the first-class enterprise do the standards,second-class enterprise do the branding, third-rate companies do product and the lowest enterpsies do the price competition.But there are a few first-class enterprise and most of enterprise are on the development of stationery brand.Only to do the brand construction that to provide the opportunities to us.

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