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The complicated development environment in 2013 stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-25

China stationery production are in the declining after the financial crises.But the production or the competition of big enterprisers are in the incresing.A lot of small and medium-sized enterprise with the less fund,low technology and poor management will be eliminate.And the powerful enterprise will more control the industry resources.The improved brand concentration bring the big brand with the influenceand and the national marketing network.The stationery industry production will be optimized and the low product going to eliminate,then the importance of stationery industry will be more and more obvious.

So,When does the stationery industry can go to the spring of the industry development in 2013?Lepusheng stationery (www.lepusheng.com) will show you the answer:

At the same time, the international market is in the weakness,the developed countries such as Japan,United States and Europe are lack of power to recovery.Although there is slow increasing of the economies and marketing.But the worry of "the debt crisis" and "high unemployment",exchange rate and trade protectionism are the must facing problems of stationery exporter.
The irrational rose of raw materials price was made almost stationery raw materials prices in the rapid increased.The rising labor costs and quantity improving the labor cost;Commercial rising rent and  transportation price increasing also improving the cost of business.The intense supply of associated resourcesuch also bring the high press for the stationery manufacturing.A few adjust policy to rose the industry credit costs.The rising cost and the shortage of resources also adjusted the industry supply and structure.

"Labor shortage" has became one of key problems of industry development.According to the survery,due to the lack of work,the production of coastal area only by 70%,there are many big enterprise also lack of the labor. Processing cooperation has become the main way to solve such problems.Because of the higher and higher requirement of the processing cooperation,some samll enterprise can't suit to the such  fast, small orders.And some enterperise with the poor reputation also sell in the high price.So that,the processing mode is needs faith managerment between the enterprises.

 Although the bearing capacity of market price rise was crushed by the finacial crisis before,but the consumer has a very strong epectetation for inflation and the amazing rising commercial rent.Stationery brand should to rising follow.But,there is not all brand can solve the cost press.So that,in the front of rising cost,there are some enterprises will be eliminate.

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