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Brand stationery enterprise establish new business with e-commerce

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-29

In recent years, the electronic commerce occupyed the market quickly with its low cost,high efficiency,oppenness and quick return funds.It attracte more and more enterprise pay attetion to the e-commerce in stationery industry.With a a series of stationery brand like Deli,Daolin,Shuter ect.are successively into e-commerce.Most of traditional stationery production enterprises to developing electronic commerce warmly.

The importance of e-commerce marketing made most of the enterprise wants to be a control person in e-commerec.To choose a mature e-commerce platform is the shortcut to enter into e-commerce.But most of enterprises don't like be controled by the platform,which spent a million seted up.Meanwhile,there are lack of brand stationery enterprise to establied the big-sales website for self.

Although there were more and moer stationery enterprises entered into electronic commerce,most of taditional stationery enterprise does not occupy the big share in e-commerce.It is easy to find that there are less enterprise to realize the connecte betweet the traditional marketing and e-commerce marketing.Even a lot of enterpriese feel great pressure after into electronic commerce.

The traditional stationery brand enterprise always focus on the manufacturing and  brand marketing.It needs to strengthen the construct and dissemination of e-commerce marketing platform .And the mode of e-commerce marketing should bring a certain impact for the  traditional marketing, and harms the interests of brand manufactuers.Then cause the resistance in e-commerce from ground sales of wholesale market or stationery distributor.

The huge dsles data of e-commerce also prove the Internet markeing has shake the traditional marketing channels,but there are limited by the problems such as the sales platform construction,conflicts of interest between the network channels and shore channel.All of them make the e-commerce of stationery not so smooth.To establish the online platform in independent or outsourcing,or to develop in the popular third parety platform,to direct sales or distribution,sales online ore sales offline.It all  testing the wisdom of stationery manufacturer.

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