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Lepusheng stationery tips :How do stationery agent choose manufacturer in high quality

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-17


         With the rapid development of stationery industry ,there are many stationery seekers arise, in the environment of fierce competition. As one of the joining traders,  how to choose the high quality stationery brand so that can let themseves really walking on the road of  wealth?Lepusheng stationery  thinks, there are a few points worth attention.


         Face with the huge potential stationery market,those agents are living for the market and marketing , so they are choosing their own commercial fate when choosing their manufacturers .In the cooperation between stationery manufacturer and agent , some manufacturers are overstated, they are not selling the "ideal" products , and make the agents become their stepping stone in the business competition.So the agent should choose factory carefully, because this is the foundation of business, the guarantee of development.So what kind of manufacturer brand  should the agents choose for cooperation?


         First, the relationship with existing products


         If you have a stable stationery market, then you must also have a corresponding "shop treasure", no matter it is style or product ,when you want to sell new products, all of these factors should be considered.When selecting students stationery ,it must have the function of replenishing and perfecting the product structure of dealer,and the positioning of stationery products must close to the customers .


        Second, the links with the current market


        When choosing a stationery brand ,agents should contact with the current and the local market, such as whether the item price is advantageous compared with other  local similar products , how is the degree when the local target consumption group can accept for the positioning of the stationery products.All of these factors will influence the sales prospects of stationery products .


        Third, considering the strength of the manufacturers


        The strength of the manufacturers directly determines the quality of the stationery products, the product strategy and the after-sales service, etc.Enough strength is the foundation to improve the quality of products and after-sales service.For agents, those who want to strive for greater market share must do well in high quality, and thoughtful after-sales service, and this depends on the support of manufacturer.


        Fourth, considering their  own operation ability


        At present, the coating product gives limited profit to our dealers, if the dealers can't measure themselves very well,such as  the types of channel, the number of outlets distribution radius, area control, etc., then it will be easy to let them fall into a very awkward position.If the hard power of agent is not enough, then they can improve their soft power.Those who have a clear business ideas, and the market perspective, or  good at management, they can always get more manufacturers if they are in high quality  , and also  have more market opportunities,too.


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