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Several major elements that disturb your choice when purchasing stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-27


          With the rapid development of e-commerce,more and more consumers begin to rely on online shopping.As long as you want to buy, you can find them in electric business platform, online shopping has become a "norm" of modern people.We can see that online shopping gradually became the favourite of numerous consumers with its convenience, low-cost features, but at the same time when we enjoy convenience and benefit, lots of kinds of marketing methods which are around the electricity marketing, service and product quality will affect your judgment.This is why the product return, a refund dispute.



          Online shopping is not new, small things like correction tape and even the big cars commodity house,you can buy them online ,too! But here Lepusheng want to remind consumers that there are lots of uncertain factors which will affect your judgment of the real product, so it is necessary to understand relevant knowledge, such as buying stationery products online,how many elements will affect your judgment?


          One, credit evaluation


           Although stationery is a little thing, in fact it is not "small“online,a variety of marketing methods are enough to make you dazzled.Credit evaluation is one of them, "high praise with cashback" should be not unfamiliar flyer slogan, many sellers in order to gain the good reputation of the Internet, will give customers a discount or gift as the temptation of good comments, and too much good praise will affect the true judgment of other consumers for students stationery.So it is bad for those consumers who blindly trust credit evaluation.


           Two, attraction of low price


           One of the biggest characteristic of online shopping is the relatively favourable prices, and the sales promotion activity often let the price lower, and consumers who pay more attention to price could not restrain shopping desire to buy things online. Especially creative stationery products emerge in endlessly,  there are a lot of new design of stationery products come to us almost every month.So consumers should according to the actual needs of personal and family demands to have rational consumption.When there is a problem of shopping online,we should pay attention to keep the invoice, screenshot  of trade payment ,evidence of chat records.In addition, we should know more about the "game rules" of the electric business enterprise, learn to use simple comparison monitoring software to identify whether the businessman is the true price reduction or fake promotion ,and this is also the effective means of online shopping for consumers.


           Three, unconformable description


           In terms of publicity, in order to increase the effect of publicity, some electricity enterprises will selectively exaggerate or even imaginary part of the product or performance in the commodity title or publicity page.As claimed the stationery composition of "environmental protection" but may not have the material composition of environmental protection in it , and in order to stir up the customer's desire, many "hot" products that they recommend may be added some false comments or sales.In addition, those products with special offer but no inventory will make consumers disappointed.


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