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Stationery manufacturing at the crossroads of boom and bust

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-08

Some say that there is downturn in the 2012 domestic stationery market.We may go out to do the business in the international market with the goballization economic.That to create the great business.

For the points,the insider said that it is needs to be careful for the quanitaty policy and the risk of anti-dumping from Europe and the United States.In 2013,America will continue to implement quantitative easing monetary policy,it will make the inflation intensify.And the RMB exchange rate may will cause the fatal blow.At the same time,the increasing trade barriers will affect China stationery export.

In 2013, China stationery industry will faces the greater pressure,the series of rising costs such as rise price by inflation,the losing demographic dividend and the intensifies market competition,all of them are eating the profit margins of enterprise.The pressure of cost rise and the increase price at home and abroad also make reducting the advantage of price and stationery prices.

And those enterprise who rely on the OEM production are competitive in the low price and leave the profit to foreign brand.There were some OEM producter only to keep living and depended on the export tax rebates.The experts pointed out that the stationery manufacturing is at the crossroads of boom and bust.And it is in urgent needs of upgrading.

How to transform?Extensive growth model has came to end.Enterprise only to cultivate the independent brands with high international reputation,including the innovation,design,development,marketing and brand,make turn the core competitiveness to brand instead of products.To realize the high-end in the high quality and high price.

In 2013,at the beginning of urbanization construction,there are the broad market in the next ten years.Analysisi of the insider,there are the potential market needs to develop in the small town.Stationery enterprise should make full use of local advantages and expand the broad market in third and fourth line city.

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