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Stationery manufacturers need to break through the weak design

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-17

Stationery as a kind of light industrial goods.And the rapid increased and the improvement of the residents' consumption level.It is expanding the stationery market and bring the new market opportunities.

Price is the key point whether the stationery product can be recongnized in the market or not.Reliable quality ,low cost and function is the key points of development.In other words,stationery should have a certain quality,lower costs and satisfy stationery using.However,it should be ensure that low cost is basis on the good quality.Low cost shuld be realize through the optimization of product design, scale of production.

The stationery is a single shape in the past.But through the efforts in recent years.There are the great progress whether in the product design,raw material performance or the production scales.And the stationery not only a stationery,it is a gift or a crafts.

In the improving of design,there are many short board in China enterprise such as lack of the person to turn the desige idea into production,design innovation and good management system has not been formed. And most of stationery manufacturers have the weak  technical strength and core technology.

Under the such situation,"integration of science and technology and independent design" is the way to development.Fully intergrated the technology,resources and talents at home and abroad,and to make the innovation then to improve the core competition.

In addition,the personalized demandi is too important to the broad office supplies market.In order to design the better stationery then to meed the demand of customers.It is necessary to expand the market througth combine industrial design and human engineering.

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