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The 7th 2014 China (Qingdao) international gifts, handicrafts and home products fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-20


"Exhibition information"

Holding time: 2014-10-14-2014-10-18

Pavilion: Qingdao international convention center

Industry: gifts toys

The exhibition cities: Qingdao in shandong

Organizer: Qingdao government exhibition industry development office

                  Qingdao international convention center

                  Qingdao gift industry association





           Shandong province is a coastal economic province in China, ranked the second place in terms of total economy,it is the first big province of manufacturing and has become a world class manufacturing center;Shandong peninsula is the bridgehead wihich is around the bohai gulf and can exchanges with Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, along with the implementation of the shandong peninsula blue economic strategy, the rapid economic growth of shandong peninsula will get more opportunities.


           Qingdao, is an important regional economic center, is the international and famous port city,it is also known as "sailing city", "the brand";Is one of the most biggest cities which always hold big events in China;The 2014 world horticultural exposition will be held in Qingdao.Shandong peninsula blue economic zone planning, as its core area and the leading city,Qingdao city is named as "the most economic vitality in China city", "the most investment value for multinationals", "China best business city".Qingdao is on the opposite of South Korea and Japan, is the  distribution center of Japan and South Korea in domestic, Japanese invested nearly 2000 enterprises in Qingdao, and south Korean invested more than 10000 enterprises in Qingdao;In addition, Qingdao has many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as haier, hisense, and qienouji, tsingtao, Qingdao port (group), steel blue, aucma, binary, beautiful group, liqun, green building group, etc.Strong economic strength,the mature consumer market, and huge customer base and broad market prospect has  laid a solid foundation for high quality of professional fair.


           As a new string gifts rookie in recent years,student stationery  is welcomed by more and more parents with its distinctive modelling,and the enterprises can get more merchants to make their stationery products be more popular through gifts exhibition.Shandong is approaching Japan and Korea which has a certain customer base, then the creative office stationery can be more popular.


"The exhibition scope"


           Gifts: business gifts, advertising gifts, electronic gifts, commemorative gifts, craft gifts, christmas gifts, desk calendar, calendars, photo albums, stationery, prizes, trophies, pottery, wax art, lacquer ware, glass, crystal, leather goods, bags, watches and clocks, sporting goods, travel supplies, calligraphy and painting, etc.


           Craft: shoushan stone process, metal, ceramics, jewelry technology, sculpture, sculpture technology, silk crafts, resin crafts, folk crafts, handicrafts, bead embroidery crafts, wooden crafts, violet arenaceous technology, rattan products, artificial flowers, bamboo umbrella fan Juan, four treasures, embroidery, embroidery, bamboo rattan palm grass, costume props, jewelry and jade article, natural agate, crystal handicraft, etc.

           Household items: (1) home decoration, decoration, art, fruit basket, frame frame, sweet fume, hang act the role ofing, carpet, etc.;(2) home textiles, bedding, bathroom appliances, household cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, etc.;(3) the kitchen appliances, baking tray, tea sets, wine set ,tableware, glassware, vacuum cleaners, massager, air cleaner, small household electrical appliances, etc.


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