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The development of China: innovation and sales at home and abroad

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-03


China stationery is do the OEM prouction for many year.To do the "prospective" make China stationery enterprises lack of brand value, brand,and the exporting products without value.This mode make the going to the trouble.
Because of rise cost of raw materials and labor,the price of student stationery also keep the high price.The advantages of cost began to weaken.The long-term cooperation also yield to the pressure of rising costs.Foeign enterprises have looked for someone who have the cheaper prices.However,China is the stationery production center.There are over 40% of office supplies production in China .Most of China stationery manufacturers are do the exporting trade such as OEM production.So,to control the development situation of stationery market is necessary for China stationery factories.
The profits of OEM trade in the Internetional is declining.How about the stationery sales in domestic market?The data show that there are more than 90% of stationery in Beijing is come form the stationery wholesale business street.The total volume of the offcie supplies is close to ten billion yuan.However, the book which can sell out with 3 yuan is only sell in 8 wools money.Thus,stationery factories and the first wholesalers earn less with large quantity.
With the entry of foreign capital,there is the increasingly fierce in compeitition.Due to the accumulation of capital, enterprise scale, management, network construction are backward,there is the severe challenges for the domestic business.The insider siad that the entry of foreign brand will take the market shape of China stationery enterpries.
The reshuffle time of China stationery has come.After the financial crisis,there is the big change in China stationery industry.And the ways of breakthrough are :one,innovation,to do the creation in the r&d of products,product design,marketing,managment and so on.Two, sales at home and abroad, to solve the problems such as sales channels,shipping,capital backflow,production dispatching,after sales and so on.To know more about the development of the stationery line.
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