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The profit of stationery industries is shrinking under such pressures from various aspects.

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-09

At present, the Chinese stationery industry is facing extreme embarrassing situation after thought from the financial crisis. Under the increasingly fierce competition situation both domestic and overseas, with the appreciation of the RMB, shortage of the worker, the increase of material pressure step by step is shrinking the stationery industry profits.

Large stationery manufactures maybe can avoid the impact of the market fluctuations with their own advantages, but the smaller stationery factory may cannot avoid this affect.

"The salary of the workers reach to ¥100-¥200 each day, increase about 20-30%. One of the stationery entrepreneur said that now the company cannot earn lot of money based on deduct the salary of the workers and the other capital cost and basic consumption.

Now is harder and harder to hire the workers, and also easy to quit once they find a better offer from the other company. It's not about the wages problem; the result is now the 80's young guys they don't want to work such as stream-lined line.

The owner of the foreign trade company Mr. Wang told the reporter, due to the up valuation of RMB, somes stationery factory they don't want to do the business based on this situation.


Not only have the small and medium-sized processing enterprises, some large foreign trade company also faced the development dilemma problem.

It seems that the official action verifies these judgments. The Ministry of Industry and Information makes an announcement which requires the department in charge of provincial to make a survey on financing situation in small and medium-sized enterprises which involves financial gap between medium-sized and small enterprises, folk lending actual rate of interest, real amounts of bankruptcy for medium-sized and small enterprises due to the rupture of capital chain. In the meantime, The National Federation of Industry and Commerce has paid high attention to the dilemma that those medium-sized and small enterprises with which confronting, which took them more than two months to investigate thoroughly into Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu etc 16 provinces with a conclusion that described by the media "the situation of the small and medium-sized enterprises especially the small and miniature enterprise perhaps more difficult than the financial crisis in 2008".


The situation of exporting for stationery industries this year confronts is the worst that ever had."The predicament that we confronted in 2008 was no orders at all which attributed to the external factors. However, the situation is changed at this time, that is, orders have but hard to conclude for the factory cost increases and the price not equivalents by the same token."Says Mr zeng, a director of Hong Kong trading company that has factory in mainland specializing in stationeries processing who claims the company has to decline the production by 10% already to cope with current situation.


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