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How do stationery enterprises get rid of marketing dilemma

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-21


        Promotion is the most frequent activities in lots of middle and small stationery enterprises .Frequent promotions increasr competition in stationery industry, the profit space is partitioned and compress, low price promotion make many stationery brands become a low-end impression in consumer's eyes. Low price promotion for long-term  will bring bad impression, while competition in the stationery markets a lot of small shops have to promote,as a result, stationery sales promotion fall into the marketing dilemma.



         How to get rid of  the marketing dilemma?Lepusheng stationery think it is the fundament to reduce low-price promotion.Too much promotion, not only failed to achieve the ideal effect, and more will let a lot of consumer get into weakness, even reduced the market positioning of stationery product .In the long term.Reduce price, publicity ,promotion, so frequent in stationery industry, not only make the consumers have the choice of numbness and psychological fatigue, but also makes the sales of stationery enterprises into a difficult situation.


         And get rid of this kind of promotion, it is particularly important to have creative elements .Because stationery enterprises lack of characteristic products ,they never set up a brand in the consumer groups, so enterprises lack of core competitiveness in market competition, and also in the passive on price.In fact, the essence of sales promotion is by lowering the price or other discounts to attract consumer attention.Enterprises only need to change train of thought, when using price discount, appropriate set into the creative elements, or there may be more surprise than the price effect .


        Appropriate marketing, and marketing with creative element are effective technique that make small stationery stores get rid of current marketing dilemma , the core of the creative marketing starting point is stationery products, and through the creative planning of product content and forms, to improve the attraction of product fot the users.Some media creative marketing done successful experience like "oriented demand , oriented problem ",then find out  the needs of users, and then on the basis of the creative planning ,fully integrate the advantage resources, forming a rich and solid core content of prominent features, and have elaborate design and clever packaging on the content and form , make the product exclusive and unique  ,to maximize meet the multi-level needs of users, make the user feels content is worth somewhat truly even.


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