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Lepusheng science: the definition and classification of stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-29


           Stationery is one of the most important branch of stationery products, the main use group is a student.Because of the different object of the users, the style of the stationery is defferent according to different age of the students.Stationery of primary school students is always cartoon series, this kind of stationery always with cartoon design,then there are various Japanese and South Korean stationery,fashionable stationery,and stationery of middle school students, college students are always practical, they have already close to the office stationery series, they are now more concise and practical.Nowadays, this kind of stationery give priority to Chenguang stationery,Qixin stationery, Lepusheng stationery and so on.



           Learning stationery covers broad range, according to the attribute characteristic of this kind of stationery, roughly they can be divided into the following four categories:


           Type 1, writing stationery.For example: automatic pencil, pen ink, felt pen, whiteboard pen, gel pen, ball-point pen, oil pen, pen, crayon etc.


           Type 2, correcting stationery.For example, correction tape, correction fluid, eraser, etc.


           Type 3,  stowable stationery.For example, pen bag, pencil case, folder, the primer, envelope, etc.


           Type 4, instrumental learning stationery.For example: cutting pen, pen plane, liquid glue, glue, ruler, compasses, pen knife, scissors, book cover, etc.


           Of course, there are classifications of stationery such as office stationery, gift stationery.And with the acceleration of upgrading, many students stationery with different styles and design appear in the stationery markets.So that there is some skills to learn to choose suitable stationery products in a wide variety of markets.


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