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Development of e-commerce can enhance the consumption power of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-26


          Now, the electricity,network,postal services can indeed make it easy for consumers to online shopping,even in those remote areas it can also have greater consumption space and choice.With the development of Internet,retail market in domestic online will flourish, then it will be a more powerful consumer demand.



           In the past August it can be said to be a busy season in stationery sales, coincided with a new semester is coming,the sales of stationery products turn over a few times.Online retailing is hot, too,according to data released by the the ministry of commerce shows the sales rose 53% online,from the industry itself, the e-commerce promotion will become more than usual in the end of year, especially since August comes,many merchant will make more festival themselves.August is a month before the start of the new term, combined with traditional festivals, the cultural goods consumers will purchase in advance, so it can make a growth of online retail sales.


           The hot electricity heralds the growth of consumption, let stationery channels sinks, in the past ,the general circulation system in rural areas is not very rich,so that it is difficult to satisfy user's demand, rural consumption potential should be exploited, now the convenient online mode to make this part of the spending power began to give out.At the same time, the rapid growth of mobile terminal consumption let the consumers be free from the PC online restrictions, mobile end let the shopping mode become anytime and anywhere, thus it can promote the consumption power of office stationery in three or four lines.


           Broad consumer market means a huge cake, this is the reason way taobao, jingdong speed up the layout of three or four line market.In the grasp of electric dealer market at the same time ,stationery supplier should also pay attention to the new trend of the market, then with the development of the online and offline ,the retail industry has been radiation to the service life, some platforms even broke the contradiction between entity retail platform and its own electricity channel in the development of transformation,gradually realized from purchasing and consumption to fully harmonious distribution link of after-sales service.It is also the development of the electric business platform,it can give many industry network retail market opportunities.


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