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Stationery Selling Online Should Improve The Integrity

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-23


      With the development of e-commerce,  as a new way of shopping ,shopping online  has been gradually recognized and accepted by consumers.Among them, the crowd of young and middle-aged become the main force.Aalthough  e-commerce has penetrated every aspect of our lives today, the Internet users still fears the network shopping.To the stationery manufacturers that tap into online sales , improve the network integrity, completes the after-sales service, and establish a good reputation of integrity is very necessary.


       Data shows, the consumer's perceptions of the credit of online store are different .When shopping online,  facing the question that whether it is higher or lower of the credit of online store than the physical store. 26% of netizens said "it is different in different online store ", 16.1% said "it is different when you buy different goods ", 14.6% said " different sites has different  integrity", the three numbers of obove add to more than 56.7% .In addition, 7.6% of the netizens said the integrity of the store online are higher than entity shop, 18.5% said it is the same, 14.1% said it is lower than entity shop, and 3.1%  have no idea about it , so these datas shows that netizens have larger reserves  on credit evaluation  

        According to the China Internet network information center "2013 analysis report of China's online shopping market" , the datas shows that  the scale of China's online shoppers has reached 242 million people, in 2011, the scale of China's online shopping has been overtaken Japan and became the second in the world, and the online trading scale has up to 1.2594 trillion yuan in 2012, annual growth has increase to  66.5%.Online shopping has a very broad market, and will be recognized and accepted by more and more people.


        However ,the quality of products online  are intermingled,and it will always  occur the problems of  online fraud, poor product , such as false description,  difficult to return .How to protect consumers rights, is one of the most concern of the "e-commerce". For the stationery supplier, it is a powerful way to get into the electronic commerce and  expand their business channels of stationery, while there are  ten million kinds of skills to deal with it , and to keep the integrity of attitude is the main way.


        When the stationery online store provide consumers with rich, thoughtful shopping experience , they should be timely provide after-sales service,  and establish a good reputation of integrity, which is the important factor to attract and retain  of online consumers.

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