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Stationery manufacturers thinks what is the best products?


There are hundreds of different product appeared in market,but about 70% werw failure in the end.The entrepreneurs often thainking about a problem.What is the best produc?It is very important to the stationery manufacturer.Obviously,product innovation is not only a problem of enterprises,but also for global.

Consumer's novelty seeking make the enterprises have to go on innovate.Enterprise has produce the product that put it to the market carefully,hope the customers will like it and accept.However,the reality is that there are nearly 70% of innovative products has got to the fail in office supplies industry.

Many enterprises complain that, even if do the detailed market research for the products.but failed at last.Facing the new product developing,many entrprisese can't help to issue the same feeling that to produce new products like to looking forword the death or wait for if not.

The basic pattern of China stationery industry innovation is to cooperation with production.It is the cooperation beweet enterpries, school and design institutions,to connect the upstream,midstream and downstream through the technology innovation.And make the innovation translate into the production,that to improve the innovation efficiency and realize the coordinated development of science,technology and economy. There are some countries have formed their features the combination of development mode such as USA,Japan,Britain.

But there is a defect in this mode.It is  the leading department like design just closed the doors to work.And those product always apart from the market.Enterprise should pay attention to the combination of production and market closely.One to use the use school achievements of scientific research into developing,On other hand,it is necessary to do the in-depth cooperation with enterprise.There is lack of the transform the science and technology achievements into productivity and the production ability in current China.

As we known,new product development is a engineering system,its core is make the consumption as the guide.To study what is the consumers real nees.It is the basic work for the stationery enterprises in innove products.Only that,the new  technology can being shows in the product and into the consumer market and public life.It also the new profit growth point for the enterprises.

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