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High logistics costs cause high price for office sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-13


Logistics industry is the basic and stategic industry for any physical sales enterprise.The same to the stationery sales.In recenet years,the high cost of stationery products caused the high price,but part of them is from business logistics.
Since China's reform and opening up,office industry also imitate the from all walks of life began to use the channel such as retailers, wholesalers.However,with the development of the market economy and the emergence of new economic form,especially after China into WTO.The increasing fierce competition bring the big and big gap between deomstic and foreign companies.
The backward logistics distribution form also bring the high costs.There are some larger and complex stationery suppliers or the large and medium-sized retail chain enterprises which  have various branch office.The management cost of them are higher than the foreign by 50%.The main reason is that poor logistics cuased the low funds utilization.
Backward logistics distribution situation affects the whole competition ability and development of the enterprise power. Compared with foreign enterprises, the logistics cost is high of office stationery is too high.The main reason is enterprise logistics information management level is low.Because lacking the logistics management information system and the supply.The operation is not standard and the extensive management should cause the higher and higher costs.
The low informationzation of retail enterprises in China is cause the bigger and bigger gap between foreign enterprises.That is why there are so many foreign "supermarket","chain" and "big lots".So,strengthen enterprise informationization of logistics is the blood of market.The more advanced of the logistics,the more thriving in market.However,the logistics has take away the money from the office suppliers and the consumers in the current stationery market.How to reduce the price for logistics, it is urgent need a new way to change the channels.
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