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Lepusheng stationery show you the stationery with young

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-14

The movie <To our youthfulness> are gaining the high box office since it release on April 26.And it break through 500 million after 11 days ago.It also bring the nostalgic storm.Such as the Hot kettle, radios,striped clothing and the  old song "Red sun" from Hacken Lee and so on.It is the tags of the younth.It also the collective memory of youth for the people after 70s,80s and 90s.

Whatever the time fir or change,the memories of youth are never dir.Lepusheng show you the old stationery which we used.


LPS 8600 correction fluid with 12ML

LPS 8600 correction fluid with 12ML,the familiar model with the familiar color.The bottle with lake green color,it is like the fine gauze with window and leavee in the your mind.So that it still the frist choice for many students.The excellent craft with the first quality.(Click to read more)


LPS No.6400 Lewei correction fluid

When it comes to classic correction fluid, how can we lack of this one .It is the LPS No.6400 Lewei correction fluid with 16ML.This correction liquid with the simple model.And the pictures also showing the young and fresh.And design within the Mater tip.(Click to read more)


LPS No.965 correction tape

The correction products not only include the correction fluid,but also the correction tape.LPS No.965 correction tape is the classic correction fluid.No matter what grade you are,there is a durable correction tape such as LPS 965.(Click to read more)

After read the above stationery.Is it remined your memories?You may suddenly discovered that there are so many stationery with you in long time.And it is shines in your memries.It just like the words in film:Young is for miss.

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