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New consumption trend of students stationery,beautiful but should be more safe

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-07


          For many parents, the child is the little emperor in the home, that can be seen from the rising market of children's products,, the parents are more willing to give stationery to the children if they like.As long as the children like, you can buy more.So, the businessman in order to meet the children's "aesthetic requirements",they pay more attention to the appearance, all kinds of stationery products is not only just for use,but should be more beautiful.


           Behind the beautiful stationery products, however, the safe problem of using is easily to be overlooked by parents.Unsafety of stationery products is not only on the exquisite material on the product itself,but also the product design,it should meet the safe use.With the expansion of the market,there are more stationery manufacturers pay more attention on the quantity but not the qulity.


          Security stationery mainly can be reflected in the following stationery products, one kind is the insufficiency of the material, the harmful material such as sweet smelling of eraser,fluorescent whitening agent writing paper, overweight lead in the pencil etc.These inferior chemical hazardous substances contained in the stationery is implicit to the harm of children health, long-term using the shoddy school supplies,the it will emit toxic chemical gases to student's nervous system, blood, internal organs, such as serious injury.Also some stationery pigments containing heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, if these substances containing toxins through suck, bite into the child body,then it is easy to cause memory loss, and the problem such as adhd, and also still can cause chronic poisoning.


         There is a kind safe hidden trouble of stationery, it is on the design of the product itself, is also expect stationery manufacturer have a constantly development and reinvent evolution.For example hand scissors with a sharp, ruler, pencil case has a sharp edges,it will be easy to cut bleeding when children use it;Automatic pencil lead often easy to be broken, broken core is easy to fly out,and hurt the child's eyes, etc.


         In fact,if focus on many students items, we can avoid the unqualified stationery to students.When students and parents ordering office stationery,they should give preference to the outer packing which mark with manufacturer, address, phone number and so on.Compared to some large shopping malls, supermarkets,they always sell more formal school things,in some small stationery shop near the school, there is still a "3 without" goods in sales, and the store is also the most frequented by students.Here to sell a lot of stationery which still exist safety problems,some manual scissors has a very sharp tip,and no warning message on the package;Some drawing ruler, such as the triangle edge is very prick;And flavor of the ink and rubber is very thick.Though some outer packing marked with the words "" environmental protection, non-toxic, but whether these goods are really does not affect the health of the students is unknown.So as far as possible,it had better buy it in regular large stores.


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