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Stationery promotion gradual failure, derivative the new price model like ex-factory price

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-16

It was reported that stationery business is"depression" in this years, Such as National Day period was declined almost a third than the the same period.Therefore, the majority of stationey factory increased the discounts and promotions.Some of them changed the business model and trying to save the market by the ex-factory price.


Peak season is not busy, wholesale market appear more space.


November is the peak season of the stationery industry,but with the market lost,this year also appeared busy season not busy."Depression, too depressed."said by the Mr.Ji whoes work for the sell chian of office supplie.He said that during the National Day sales goes down nearly thirty percent by the same time last year.And the office stationery purchased demand also fell from the enterprises which have a long-time cooperation in the past.


Additionlly,sationery wholesale market also looks not optimistic.Most of wholesale city looks cold .There was only a little of statioenry purchaser and the salers come together to chat at the wholesale market.

And the experienced  sales promotion also hard to attract the consumer."Make some cash lottery or  send the gifts will attract some bystander,but not the real buyer.A stationery businessman said.There was full to rent in the pass wholesale market,but now some of brand shop was out of the strore and left an empty shop.


Can it be save the market on the ex-factory price?


How to seek a way continueing to develop become number one problem for the each stationery enterprise in the severe market regulation.


In the promotion, each sell shop do the best as possible as they can.And hired a large number of part-time staff to sent leaflet at here and there.Some companies also has been adjusted the business sales model.


There are some wholesale city mainly to introduce the factory which has well-knew brands in domestic and international.They aren't the agents or distributors.But every year will hold the large wholesale purchasing show and expo.Become the platform for the wholesale of factory which provide a ex-factory price.It readuct circulation and price is lower than the market price.However,It remains to be seen whether this kind of "factory model".


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